Tash is the real deal, hailing from London Ontario, now residing in Cape Town South Africa. A once raw, now refined talent. Tash delivers a powerful yet sensitive gritty vocal combined with prodigious guitar playing, something only years performing as a solo artist could realize. Music is the fire in her bones and the language of her soul.

Writing music is the equivalent of journaling for me. Its how I convey my feelings, perspectives and beliefs - my “go to” in communicating with the world”

Rock & roll is in her blood, made manifest by the confidence she conveys when tearing it up on her favorite guitar. The attention she commands anytime she steps near the microphone is reverent. She’s sassy, sincere, classy and authentic, she is striking, sexy and stylish, all the while captivating the attention of her audience. Tash is a favorite with the many photographers with whom she has worked. Her wit & intellect have endeared her to the heart of many media personalities.

Tash has a positive outlook on life and named TSR’s 10 track debut album “Where there is hope”. She says, “Its about finding the good and the hope in the world, its finding your purpose to live.”

  1. How's it going ey?
  2. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear"
  3. Lindt dark chocolate
  4. Pesto pasta or homemade veggie burger
  5. Maserati
  6. Foo Fighters
  7. Haven't been there yet but would love to go to Spain.
  8. Everlong
  9. I don't support any specific organization but I help and give where I can.
  10. The greed of man because the love of money is so destructive. This world would be a happier place if we weren't so obsessed with money all the time.

Tash Uses:
Plays PRS S2 Custom 24 & Gibson J45/Martin GCPA4
Digitech GSP1101 Processing
D’Addario EXL110 10-46’s on Electric & D’Addario EXP26 11-52’s on Acoustics
Planet Waves thumb picks
Sennheiser Wireless Vocal & Instrument Packs
Sennheiser Wireless monitoring
Ultimate Ears UE900 in-ear monitors