Mike is a visionary.  He has successfully pioneered a career in business while feeding his passion for music and playing in bands. Mike knew early on in life he had to pursue a career doing what he loved. For the simple reason that South Africa had not yet experienced the type of musical instrument stores that he had encountered on his travels to the UK & the States, he launched what is now known as MARS Music SA in 2005.

As the bass playing front man for The Rescu, Mike has played countless shows across the country, everything from humble dive-bars to supporting Switchfoot on their SA Tour in 2012.

When you ask him, “why The Sweet Resistance?” he will tell you that it is time for him to give back and that nurturing an artist to their fullest potential is a deeply satisfying attainment.

On the subject of TSR’s debut album, “Where there is hope” Mike has this to say, “She is an incredible songwriter and a massive talent – Tash has a gift and TSR is fulfilling something special with that gift”

 Please include answers to the following questions:

  1. Saying you use the most: "legend"
  2. Best Quote you’ve ever heard: It's not about right or wrong, it's about life and death.
  3. Favorite chocolate: Lindt Orange Rind!
  4. Favorite meal: Curry
  5. What would you drive if you could drive anything Mercedes Benz GLC AMG....Black on Black
  6. Favorite holiday destination: LUX Maldives
  7. Band you could join on a world tour: Lenny Kravitz
  8. Song you wish you had written: One-U2
  9. Charity organization you support: Sunflower Fund
  10. If you could change something in the world we live in, what would it be and why? That those who hold the majority of wealth in this world would find no greater joy than giving it away to those in need.

Mike Uses:
Sennheiser Wireless Vocal & Instrument Packs
Sennheiser Wireless monitoring
Ultimate Ears UE900 in-ear monitors
Fender USA Jazz and Precision Basses
D'Addario Strings
Planet Wave Cables
Novation MiniNova
Nord A1
Aguilar Bass Amps and Tone Hammer DI