Gray is a lover of life and guitars.

“I remember watching Slash play that solo in the dust outside the church in the “November Rain” video and thinking to myself as a kid – I gotta find out what guitar that is and do that!” 

He and Mike began their friendship and musical partnership when they both played in a band called Naked Lyric. From there they pursued writing songs and crafting their music production which eventually evolved into “The Rescu”, an outfit that launched in 2010 and gigged hard for 4 years. While rocking out in a band will always be Grays first love, he is also an experienced guitar tech.  He has worked with a host of local & international artists but the highlight by far was looking after backline and guitar requirements for the 2 recent “Kings of Chaos” tours. Not in his wildest dreams did he think that he would sit around the dinner table with the likes of Duff & Gilby, let alone know, the guy from the “November Rain” video! Furthermore, Gray is an owner in Thundabird Backline, a company that provide backline support to the industry and many international touring acts.  Gray spends a large portion of his day as the Gibson Guitars brand manager for MARS Music SA, ensuring that the finest guitar brand in rock n roll is always on offer in their stores nationally.

Within TSR, Gray holds down a lot of the guitar work and live show programming. He was also a contributing engineer to the album, tracking guitars for Tash & himself in his purpose built studio – “Bearclaw”

Please include answers to the following questions:

  1. Saying you use the most: “Rad Vibes”
  2. Best Quote you’ve ever heard:“ On songwriting: “you don’t find hums, hums find you” – Winnie the pooh
  3. Favorite chocolate– Lindt 85% Dark
  4. Favorite meal– A traditional South African Braai
  5. What would you drive if you could drive anything– The Millennium Falcon
  6. Favorite holiday destination– Best holiday I have ever had was a 4x4 trip through Namibia some time back. Ideal holiday destination, yet to visit… Bali.
  7. Band you could join on a world tour- Paramore
  8. Song you wish you had written– Where the street have no name – U2
  9. Charity organization you support–
  10. If you could change something in the world we live in, what would it be and why? I would introduce the Universal Passport – so that all citizens of Earth could visit every corner of it without restriction.

“It’s a great feeling taking our collective experience into TSR and making it something greater than the sum of its parts, we are stoked to be doing this with our lives.”

Gray Uses:
Plays Gibson Guitars: ES-335 for the electric stuff & Songwriter Deluxe for the un-plugged stuff
Digitech GSP1101 & Line 6 M9 Processing
D’Addario EX115 11-49’s on electrics & D’Addario EXP26 11-52’s on Acoustics
Planet Waves Durafin 0.73 picks
Sennheiser Wireless Monitoring
Ultimate Ears UE-7 in-ear monitors